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Mugwort Toothbrush

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Mugwort Toothbrush


The first toothbrush in the world to include mugwort. (Utility Model technical assessment registration No. 0391252, functional healthy toothbrush containing mugwort) able to remove particles stuck between the teeth with fine bristles.


  • Product Name: Wormwood Toothbrush
  • Characteristics: Wormwood Bristle
  • Material: Handle: PP + RubberBristle: Wormwood + Synthetic Resin
  • Temperature Range: ~80℃
  • Product Size: 232mm*40mm*20mm
  • Packing Qty.: 20pcs / Inner, 480pcs / Carton


Mugwort(wormwood) is the perennial plant widely used as medicinal herbs and minor ingredients of food in Orient.
Particularly it is a well-known fact that the aroma constituent and sesame flavor of mugwort have a variety of bioactive substance such as insecticidal, antibiotic, antitumor.
We are sure that it helps a lot in keeping an oral health in case of using the toothbrush containing mugwort constituent, by proving that mugwort extract has a high antibacterial activity for mutastein germ, main infectious culture in the mouth.

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Mugwort Toothbrush